Zephyr Image, who are you?.. And why Zephyr?

haha.. we are Caleb and Ciara Torres, the husband and wife duo behind Zephyr Image.

“Cece has always been fascinated with the name Zephyr, actually ever since i’ve met her. Zephyr means a soft gentle breeze. And if you’ve ever met Cece, you would say that describes her pretty well. Which is why her parents dedicated “The Wind” by Cat Stevens to her when she was just a little girl. She moves to the beat of her own drum and uses photography to freely express how she sees the world around her. She named her first car Zephyr and if she had it her way, our kid would be named Zephyr too haha.. so when she asked everyone what name she should go with for her business, Zephyr was definitely the group vote.” Says, Caleb.

Where is Zephyr Image based out of?

“Hawaii is where we call home. But we are constantly traveling for photo jobs, so don’t be shy to ask! We love traveling, (surprise) so much that we are always more than willing to work something out. If you are on a strict budget then let us know. Let’s see what we can do.” Says, Ciara.

How did Zephyr Image come about?

“I’ve always followed in my dad’s foot steps. He plays guitar so I will play guitar. He surfs, so I will surf. He takes photos, so I will take photos. He becomes a CrossFit trainer, so I will too haha. Point being, my dad was heavily into photography when I was younger. I followed him around with my little camera trying to get all of the same shots he did. And my grandpa is actually a photographer so the want has always been there. But i’d say that my love for this art truly developed when my grandpa gifted me my first digital dslr at the age of 12. From that point forward, I knew I wanted to do this forever. Eventually my dad passed down his film dslr and I got heavily into lifestyle photography and developing my own photos. Taking photos of my adventures, skating, surfing, and life around me was my outlet. Yes, I was that kid with a bunch of cameras around her neck in the group of friends.”

“Here is a rock n roll that I captured on my first roll of film when I was about 13 years old.”


“Anyway, families began contacting me for family portraits. Other teenagers started contacting me for senior portraits. Friends started contacting me for engagement portraits and wedding portraits. Portrait photography began to intrigue me and before I knew it I was flying to Alaska, Colorado, and California in the same year to photograph weddings at just 16 years old. I decided that this was my forever passion. I created a website, made some business cards, and started Zephyr Image at the age of 16.”

“When Caleb and I got married, I brought him on as my first employee. First as an assistant, then as a second photographer (so that I could take credit for his images of course).”

What are your goals for Zephyr Image?

“I’d say our main goal is to remain artists. We refuse to become those photographers that view what they do as work rather than art. That is where the passion disappears. With that said, we only accept a limited amount of weddings each year. It is important for us to capture each love story in the most genuine, the most raw, the most real way possible – but with artistic desire and grace. Each love story inspires us.” Says, Ciara.

“We realize that most artists are quite socially awkward and introverted people. That is why they have a hard time pursuing their work as a business. For that reason, we strive to always be professional. It is our goal to make our clients feel comfortable and we always strive to have the best customer service. We make it our effort to capture each moment, both big and small, yet never making our clients feel rushed or scheduled. It is their day, they need to enjoy it!”

“On the other hand, lifestyle inspires us. Whether it be actively adventurous, or artfully slow in a coffee shop. Capturing the art of travel + culture around the world, or capturing the slow moments around home. We’ve realized that this needs to be one of our upmost priorities to keep our passion for photography on fire.”

What services do you offer exactly?

“We are primarily intimate wedding and elopement photographers. We offer engagement sessions in each of our wedding packages. We feel it is best to get to know each other and have fun before the big day.

We also specialize in fashion, editorial, lifestyle, and small businesses.

We except family portraits and senior portraits on a case-by-case basis.”