seriously had so much fun hanging out with these two in Kapaa! you know when you meet someone and just instantly connect and wish you lived closer because you’d just be best friends?! yeah that basically happened and we were so glad to have spent some time with them before they made the big move across the pacific to Big Sur.

because Josh and Char were moving that following week, we saw it fitting to grab some photo memories of them in their first home together, where they met and fell in love <3

they actually met at this cute coffee shop where Char was currently working at the time. so we started off the day by meeting up for coffee at sunrise and grabbing some photos of these two at the place they first met. then we all cruised down to the beach across the street right in front of where Caleb and I were staying.

such a rad morning with awesome down to earth people and inspiring conversations. so glad to had met you both! and so excited for your new adventure on the most beautiful coast ever!

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