While staying in Paris recently, we booked a shoot with seriously the hottest yet most adorable couple we’ve ever met.

Because they live just outside of Paris in Reims, we decided to do the in home session in our Airbnb in the 18th arrondissement. So that morning I cleaned up the place and kicked our guy friends downstairs in the basement for an hour or so. (they’re used to it.. plus the basement was actually super cute with a king size bed and claw tub so it was hardly a bad experience haha)

Anyhoo, Katharina and Alexandre run an online blog “Elle + Lui”. She is German and he is French. They met while she was living in Paris a few years back and after keeping in contact once she moved away, they finally decided to be a couple and she moved back to France. She has learned French since then so they could communicate more fluently and he is beginning to learn German for her as well. (I know, right?!) The entire shoot I was totally crushing on them as they whispered sweet French nothings into each others ears, all in love and stuff. And I mean just look at them.. seriously hottest couple ever.

Love you guys!



this shoot required little to no direction at all… it was one of those prime moments as a photographer when you truly realize how important it is to allow your clients to absolutely be themselves. and if they are needing direction, it simply means they need to feel more comfortable with you. so, we honestly just played music and had fun! with the language barrier, I had to simplify my queues of posing with terms like “get comfortable”. it was such a great opportunity that forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and actually taught me so much. and there is always a common ground you can find no matter the cultural or language difference : )



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