if you guys can’t tell, in home shoots are one of my favorites. i’ll never forget the first time I did an in home shoot back in 2013 and I was actually nervous that it’d be super awkward haha. i was worried because I was used to using the elements and backdrops around me to make the photos even better. but it was just opposite. i love in home shoots because yes, if their home is cute it obviously helps in making the photos magic.. but in home shoots really allows you to focus in on the couple.. their dynamic, relationship, moments, life together, and all that good stuff. they are your sole subject and i love that. at the start it was fully pushing me to step outside of my comfort zone with just about everything.. backdrops, lighting, posing, etc. but just like everything in the photography world, once you get comfortable with the uncomfortable, it actually makes you better at things you were already comfortable with!

anyways, when Mariah had contacted us for their wedding and engagement photos I was ECSTATIC that not only would her engagement photos be taken in their home but also the wedding would be held in their backyard too. I’m talking the cutest Hawaiian shack on acres of property with beautiful fruit trees, goats, and a pig named Brian. (happy cece)

the morning was pretty gloomy and rainy off and on. Caleb and I set out for our venture down south. stopped to grab some coffee along the way. and arrived to Mariah + Dylan’s place an hour or so later. the weather was moody which made me extra happy. we basically listened to music, drank some whiskey, and got to know these two as we took photos in their adorable home. they were such troopers to work with as we told them to sit everywhere from the kitchen counter to the clawfoot tub. and then of course lay on the floor like all couples obviously do all the time.

stay tuned for their backyard wedding 🙂 currently editing them now <3


















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