We had the most epic day shooting in Hilo with these two! As Caleb and I arrived to Hilo that morning it started to heavily rain (figures). We knew Aileen had just finished getting her hair and make up done so we figured we’d switch to plan B and just head to the beach down south instead since the trails to the waterfalls would be muddy and crazy. But after meeting up with Aileen and Luis, they quickly suggested that we still do the waterfall even with the muddy terrain and hike involved! We were super jazzed haha.

And these two rocked it. They carried their clothes on top of their head covering themselves from the torrential downpour while crossing a neck high river. Caleb swam everything else back and forth across the river, and I just managed to get the camera gear to shore safely.

We were impressed by their ability to clean up so nicely. Like THAT was a serious skill in itself. Shout out to our super rad couples who are up for a photo adventure! They make our job a dream come true 🙂


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