a few weeks ago we drove up to Yosemite while staying with our close friends in the Bay Area. we didn’t really have a plan in mind other than to explore a little, relax, and take in all of the natural beauty.

as we entered through the tunnel with the views of Yosemite, I was in complete awe. imagining myself as a Native American hundreds of years ago, and stumbling across the views of this valley with no expectation in mind was incredible. to discover such a site like this had to have been unimaginable.. and then to make it your home.. no words. we see beautiful photos of sites like this and venture off to see these sites with an image of expectation in mind, that to discover these sites while not knowing what was ahead had to have been the most craziest and exciting thing ever.

after driving through the valley and stopping at some of the sites, we retired for like a 5 hour picnic haha. drinking wine, eating goat cheese and avo’s, napping alongside the river, and planning our escape route to get outside of the Valley incase there would happen to be a sudden zombie apocalypse pretty much made up our afternoon.

on our way home, we pulled over to watch the sunset alongside the prairie while observing the climbers on El Capitan. and of course I made these cuties get together for a few photos.

.. you know you have hot friends when they look perfect for a photoshoot after “day camping” with plenty of wine and dips in the river.


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