– An entire day spent road tripping from Rome up to Tuscany and back to Rome.
– Sleeping in a van over night (sleep in a van they said. it will be fun they said.)
– A power nap on the airport floor at 4am
– A 4 hour flight to Istanbul with a 3 hour layover
– A 12 hour flight to New York
– Three hours to get out of airport past 5 security lines with a 16 hour layover over night
– A 12 hour flight back home to Hawaii with a 2 hour layover in Honolulu
– Back at home overnight to unpack, repack and head out to Hilo in the morning to photograph a beautiful  jungle Pahoa wedding
– Wake up the following day, run around doing errands, pay bills, try to remember what life is like after being gone for two months and hop back on a plane to Kauai by noon.
… this is what the last 96 hours looked like up until our feet hit the ground in Kauai. We were exhausted, deprived on sleep, slightly delirious, and hungry. Yet we were still high on life from our epic adventure and so appreciative of the fact that we were ending our travels on two beautiful neighboring islands doing what we loved.

From the moment we first met Brinkley + Lou just minutes after stepping off the plane, we fell in love with them. They were so layed back, down to earth, and absolutely in love with each other. Their engagement photos were so simple, shot within a 40 minute time frame as the sun was setting and turned out beautiful. (check out those photos in one of my previous blog posts if you haven’t already). Yes, they were the most perfect couple we could have asked for to spend the next couple of days with!

I’ll admit, weddings can be crazy. They can be hectic and stressful. But this wedding.. no. Absolutely not. Their day was so special. So intimate. And we felt so privileged to be 2 out of 10 people their that day. From the moments spent getting ready at the house that day, to the last moments at dinner, sitting with them, enjoying a meal with them, laughing, conversing and getting a glimpse into their personal life with their most cherished loved ones. Watching them dance in the corner under the stars.. I can truly say it was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve shared in. Definitely what makes me go home at the end of the day and say “wow. this is my job. i’ll never get over this”.

Congratulations Brinkley + Lou <3

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