The warmth, love, light, and emotion is pretty dang evident from this day. I don’t even need to tell you, these photos speak for themselves.

This truly was the perfect way to end our travels. It was a touching reminder to us. One that can get lost in time through out routine and life.. but Kelsey and Jarrett’s day reminded us just as strong as our day did to focus on what is really important and to not let or allow that feeling or excitement to fade.

So.. Kelsey & Jarrett, don’t forget. Don’t forget how you felt finally marrying each other after years and years of waiting. Don’t forget how beautiful yet hard the dating years were, and how all you wanted was to simply be married and how far away that day always seemed to be. How everyone told you that you were too young to be in love and the list goes on. Because now, you’re married. And don’t ever get used to that.. keep that exciting in your life forever – don’t allow anything or anyone to interfere with that excitement of your special day 🙂

Your day was beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us!

If you guys want more beauty, which I know you do – then watch JOEL’S VIDEO PREVIEW of this special day.



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