Ron + Tiffany

These two are the cutest ever and we felt so privileged to witness this special moment. Ron contacted us while we were in Iceland about his planning to propose to his girlfriend during their trip to Kauai, and from the moment we got home we had been planning with him via emails and video calls to make this moment perfect for Tiffany. He knew that he wanted the proposal to happen in the outdoors since they were both very adventurous and he knew thats what Tiffany would want. After deciding that the perfect place would be in front of Wailua Falls, we just had to figure out how to get Tiffany in the perfect spot to say yes with out being suspicious of the two random photographers creeping in the distance.

After multiple video calls and emails, we finally came up with the perfect plan. First, we had to follow Tiffany on Instagram, find a common ground (Iceland travels), reach out, and get her to follow back. Second, we had to make a fake Instagram story asking for an adventurous couple to help us with a styled shoot.. and ultimately get Tiffany to contact us and volunteer. This was the tough step that had both Ron and I worried if she would even bite the bait haha. BUT she indeed bit the bait and we did a freakin happy dance that this plan even worked! From there on it was a breeze coordinating the shoot with Tiffany, which she of course had no idea that this shoot was her actual proposal haha.

On Monday the 23rd Caleb and I arrived in Kauai early in the morning. We did a beautiful engagement session with another couple, ate breakfast, and set off for this exciting shoot we couldn’t wait to be apart of. But then it started raining.. hard.. like super hard. And then flooding. And the rain just wouldn’t stop. I contacted Tiffany and we decided to just play it by ear and see how the weather would let up. Meanwhile, Ron sneaking into the bathroom messaging me over Instagram freaking out a little because things were not going according to plan as Caleb and I were flying out the next day haha. The rain was pretty much an actual tropical storm that overtook all of the islands that week so of course we rescheduled the shoot for the next day.

.. this couldn’t have made it any more perfect! The following day, Kauai was absolutely gorgeous. Clear skies and super lush green. Plus the waterfall was raging unlike we had ever seen before. We met up with Ron and Tiffany and instantly connected. Hiked down to the falls and began to shoot our casual couples shoot. We took photos for about 15 minutes to warm up the both of them in front of the camera and once Ron decided he was ready, he shot us a signal and hiked over to the rock in front of the falls..

2017-11-16_0204.jpg2017-11-16_0205.jpg2017-11-16_0208.jpg2017-11-16_0206.jpg2017-11-16_0207.jpg2017-11-16_0209.jpg2017-11-16_0211.jpg2017-11-16_0210.jpg2017-11-16_0213.jpg2017-11-16_0212.jpg2017-11-16_0216.jpg2017-11-16_0217.jpg2017-11-16_0214.jpg2017-11-16_0218.jpg2017-11-16_0215.jpg2017-11-16_0219.jpg2017-11-16_0220.jpg2017-11-16_0223.jpg2017-11-16_0221.jpg2017-11-16_0222.jpg2017-11-16_0224.jpg2017-11-16_0226.jpg2017-11-16_0225.jpg2017-11-16_0227.jpgquick outfit change.. aka grab the ring box without her seeing..2017-11-16_0228.jpg2017-11-16_0230.jpg2017-11-16_0229.jpg2017-11-16_0231.jpg2017-11-16_0232.jpg2017-11-16_0233.jpg2017-11-16_0234.jpg2017-11-16_0235.jpg2017-11-16_0236.jpg2017-11-16_0237.jpg2017-11-16_0238.jpg.. she said YES2017-11-16_0239.jpg2017-11-16_0240.jpg2017-11-16_0241.jpg2017-11-16_0242.jpg2017-11-16_0243.jpg2017-11-16_0244.jpg2017-11-16_0245.jpg.. meanwhile Caleb and I just tearing up over here2017-11-16_0246.jpg2017-11-16_0247.jpg2017-11-16_0248.jpgTiffany’s reaction was priceless haha. She kept looking at her ring, looking at Ron, looking at me, looking at Ron.. in just complete shock haha. She was speechless and still couldn’t believe it really happened. She kept asking if it was real and was asking us if we knew.. hahaha seriously the most precious reaction I’ve seen!2017-11-16_0249.jpg2017-11-16_0250.jpg2017-11-16_0251.jpg2017-11-16_0252.jpg2017-11-16_0253.jpg2017-11-16_0254.jpg2017-11-16_0255.jpg2017-11-16_0256.jpg2017-11-16_0258.jpg2017-11-16_0257.jpg2017-11-16_0259.jpg2017-11-16_0260.jpg2017-11-16_0261.jpg2017-11-16_0262.jpg2017-11-16_0263.jpg2017-11-16_0264.jpg2017-11-16_0265.jpg2017-11-16_0266.jpg2017-11-16_0267.jpg2017-11-16_0268.jpg2017-11-16_0269.jpg2017-11-16_0270.jpg2017-11-16_0271.jpg2017-11-16_0272.jpg2017-11-16_0273.jpg2017-11-16_0274.jpg2017-11-16_0279.jpg2017-11-16_0278.jpg2017-11-16_0277.jpg2017-11-16_0276.jpg2017-11-16_0275.jpg2017-11-16_0280.jpg2017-11-16_0281.jpg2017-11-16_0282.jpg2017-11-16_0283.jpg2017-11-16_0284.jpgCongratulation Tiffany and Ron! We felt so honored to be apart of such a special day 🙂

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